US 17th & World 37th. Sadly, this is a post nerf kill, I am confident that we could have killed the original version eventually but Patch 3.2 snuck up on us faster than we anticipated. Even considering the nerfs the fight is still quite challenging.

The difficulty in this encounter lies within Phase 3, without Watcher Thorim assisting, the Immortal Guardians do not die, which means they all have to be offtanked. Every 45 seconds Yogg-Saron will cast Empowering Shadows on 3 of the Immortal Guardians, this will trigger a 20 seconds HoT that will heal the targeted mob and any other mobs within 20 yards. Since the adds to less damage as their health gets lower, you'll want to minimize healing by separating them.

Major congratulations to Aiurr, our recruitment officer, for winning the roll on Mimiron's Head, the only extra loot you get for completing Alone in The Darkness (beyond the 239 item from 1 Watcher). The lucky son of a bitch rolled a 100!